Enable Digital Business models with Mobility.



Customer Self Service App

This webapp and android based app allows end users to access information and perform routine tasks like applying for a loan, repaying a loan, initiating account transfers, managing CASA and deposits.

Back Office Management App

This supports the back office roles at all organization hierarchy levels to carry out loan management, loan origination, collections, wallet / CASA management, deposit management and treasury management.

Other Solutions

India Stack

Fynarfin offers an exhaustive set of India stack capabilities from Aadhaar Authentication, Paperless eKYC, eSign, UPI (Universal Payment Interface), Bharat Bill pay and Bharat QR. These capabilities are seamlessly integration into all payments, loan origination and servicing offerings.

Analytic and Business Intelligence

Enabling financial institutions with real-time and actionable insights

We provide a broad set of dashboards that covers slicing and dicing large scale Transaction volumes, Loan portfolio, Spatial operational insights, Security threats and Performance bottleneck monitoring. These real-time dashboards enable better decision making at all levels including analysing day-to-day operations and branch-level field force management.


Customers are increasingly moving towards engagement via unstructured micro-conversations for financial services