Reimagine your digital financial institution

System access and the right tool allow you to take control of your strategy for connecting core applications, real-time payment channels, and new FinTech vendors. Innovate and deploy rapidly. Participate in the future. Include everyone.

Accelerate your FinTech partnerships

Modernize online banking, credit checks, loan applications, and other systems by connecting to the next generation of FinTechs. Transform your team into industry experts with simplified access to systems and real-time customer data.

Transform your real-time payment strategy

Optimize your payment strategy with a single tool to minimize the time, cost, complexity, and risk of connecting to and orchestrating payment networks like ACH, NPCI, UPI, Crypto and others.

Leveraging digital to drive customer experience

Offer optimized usability and ensure lower marginal cost of providing financial services to end customers

Financial Inclusion

At our core, we believe that the 3 billion Financially under served are in the era where digital financial services will permeate society.

Achieve More with Less

We help our customers to digitize their processes and build mobility by quickly developing solutions over existing products built on top of open standard technologies.

Trusted Technology Partner

Our team has a combined experience of nearly 3 decades of helping financial institutions identify and resolve pain points.

Shape Shape Shape

Products & Applications

With a complementary suite of products from alternative SME lending, personalized line of credit and a fully integrated India stack to provide retailers the opportunity to unlock the many benef its of financial inclusion.

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Meet The Team


Avik Ganguly

Avik is a Fintech specialist and open source evangelist who picked up his trade while working with Mifos, Conflux and Novopay.

Manoj V M

Manoj has a decade of experience in Designing and Developing Banking systems at Infosys, Oracle, Novopay and ActiveAI.

Anirudh Ayyangar

Anirudh brings a wealth of skills and experience in Strategic planning, Product development, Supply chains and Retail